Damage to any vehicle is a nuisance and can have a major impact on its value and it detracts from its overall appearance.

We provide a cost effective solution to repair damage, be it dents, dings, creases or hail damage.I will visit you at your home or place of work and provide a written estimate for the repair; if you wish to go ahead the repair will be completed at your home or place of work. Typically repairs can be completed in less than 1 hour.

I Have a lot of experience and i have worked on a variety of different vehicles, my knowledge base stretches from Minis to Aston martins I can tackle the following repairs:

  • Roof damage – minor to major – a dent caused by a Golf ball or a dent caused by a person running across the roof!
  • Creases – caused by other people opening doors on to yours or trolleys colliding with your vehicle
  • Odd dents – balls, tennis balls and even football sized dents all can be repaired.
  • Impact – from collision with a stationary object – be it a wheelie bin or post – they can all be repaired.